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The Black River Foundation is Established

New Project Launched in New Brunswick, Canada.

May 29th, 2008 --

Black River Limited Foundation formed in Nevis, St Kitss and Nevis under the Nevis Multiform Foundation Ordinance was formed as an irrevocable foundation for an indefinite period.  Previously known as the St. Jude's Foundation; it subsequently changed its name to The Black River Foundation in recognition of the purchase of a 189 acre parcel of land and forest near Black River in New Brunswick.  This is the first purchase of land and forest commensurate with certain of its registered purposes of preserving the worldwide forests, promoting their sustainable use and fostering related scientific research to preserve forest and their related ecosystems in a sustainable manner and also creating or raising an initial fund each year in order to purchase or assist in the purchase of further forest and land and to fund the conservation, recovery and sustainable management projects for these forests with a view to helping to reduce the future possible problems associated with global warming and the destruction of ecosystems.

Further the Black River Foundation is pleased to announce that it is currently actively supporting Sandwatch (www.sandwatch.org) that seeks to modify the lifestyle and habits of children, youth and adults on a community-wide basis and to develop awareness of the fragile nature of the marine and coastal environment and the need to use it wisely.   It is an educational process through which school students and community members learn and work together to critically evaluate the problems and conflicts facing their beach environments and to develop sustainable approaches to address these issues.  With a strong field monitoring component, Sandwatch tries to make science 'live' yet remains inter-disciplinary with applications ranging from biology to woodwork and from poetry to mathematics
The Foundations web site is in the process of being set up but may be viewed at www.blackriverfoundation.org.

Contact information is available on the web site.  Or contact Sheila Trevors (sheila.trevorswilliams@gmail.com Cell: 1-869-662-8558)

For More Information Contact:

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